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Anti Graffiti

Effective Protection Against Graffiti

FN® Nano Coatings are efficient and friendly anti graffiti protection for buildings, including listed buildings. The FN® Coating surface layer makes it easy to remove graffiti and make it difficult to create a sprayer.

Features of the FN® Coating:

  • Hydrophilicity = the molecular layer of water on the surface of the coating layer makes it difficult to adhere (dissipates/consumes paint) or affix (stickers) to the surface coated with FN® Coating.
  • The high surface material of the FN® Coating layer absorbs a large amount of pigment and prevents its penetration to the substrate.
  • The relatively soft structure of the FN®  Coating layer material makes it easy to remove by mechanical means without disturbing the substrate – rice brush and pressurized water.
  • The natural photocatalytic physical effects clean-up less polluted sites without the need to remove it by any mechanical means.

Extended and gentle graffiti protection

Easy removal of graffiti without damage to the substrate

Suitable for monumental and representative buildings

High vapor permeability

Continuous, super-strong, self-cleaning effect against darkening of the facade

Certified for concrete, masonry and mineral substrates (e.g. granite, sandstone, stone)

Ecological solution: fully inorganic base without solvents and organic compounds

Anti Graffiti Demo:

The right half of the wall was treated with anti-graffiti FN® Coating. Graffiti was removed by rice root brush and pressurized water within 10 minutes.

Self-Ceaning Effect

Anti-Graffiti Effect

Protection Against UV Light

High Vapor Permeability

More than 250 Pastel Shades

Unlike other anti graffiti paint, a layer of FN® Coating is fully breathable.