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Protection of Exterior Walls / Facades

FN® Coating will protect all the Exterior Walls/Facades against the devastating effects of ultraviolet radiation, mold and algae deposition and stains.

FN® Coating effectively increases the resistance of the facades against the spider webs, pigeon excrement, dust and more . It will ensure long-term preservation of its clean appearance, thereby limiting the erosive effects of repeated mechanical and chemical cleaning.


FN® Coating eliminates harmful microorganisms

When the sun shines on the surface of the facade, it gets very hot.  If the surface gets shade, it quickly cools down.  Surfaces have a lower surface temperature than the surrounding area.   As a result, dust particles settle on them and condensate the humidity in the air, and due to this, the surfaces are dulled faster by atmospheric impurities and create a favorable environment for the settling of microorganisms. The vulnerability of the facades to soiling, molding and algae is therefore the natural pattern of an aging building.  Solution:  FN® Coating protects your facade from damages cause by: algae, mold, dirt and toxic traffic pollution!

High thermal stress and UV rays accelerate aging

Rapid temperature changes of the facade surface cause mechanical stress. This over time leads to the creation of micro-cracks that allow water to seep in and thus creating the potential for mold to penetrate into the thermal insulation system.  High thermal stress accelerates, coupled with the aggressive effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays, decay of the upper layer of the facade.  Furthermore, UV radiation is the main cause of fading color for any facade.  Solution: FN® Coating protects facade ageing, color fading and potentially increasing the value of your property.

The disintegration of a facade is accelerated by cleaning with pressurized water and chemical means.

Facades in large cities and industrial areas are quickly cover with soot, NOx  and dirt scattered in the air.  In humid climates the facades often suffer the growth of molds and algae.  Most solutions to clean and remove dirt from the surface of the facade require a mechanical and/or possibly a chemical action.  However, with every cleaning there is wear to the surface layer of the facade, because these methods of cleaning erode the surface layer.  And, if the facade is not cleaned for a long time, the dirt penetrates even deeper into the facade layers and the surface can not be cleaned without damage.  Solution: FN® Coating Stops Exterior Fading, is Maintenance Free & Self Cleaning!

Increase the value of your property

Maximize the life of your facade

Regularly check the condition of the facade

Detected defects (cracks and peeling facade screed) should be repaired without delay.  Likewise, it is necessary to repair badly made or damaged drifts, eaves and gutters, from which water flows onto the facade.  After repair and cleaning your facade apply FN® Coating to protect the facade and can last over 10 years.

Protect the facade against the degrading effect of UV radiation

When using mineral plasters and apply FN® Coating to protect your facade against UV radiation.

Protect the facade against attack by microorganisms

Use FN® Coatings are resistant to the deposition of micro-organisms.

Protect your investment

The Nano-technological protection of FN® Coatings solves at once the 5 major facade problems, maximizing their life, preserving their appearance and minimizing the cost of their long-term maintenance.

Extremely effective long-term UV protection

FN® Coatings create a thin layer on the surface of the facade that blocks the UV radiation, so that it cannot reach the substrate. This completely protects it against decay of the organic components of the plaster binder and facade colors.

Long-term physical protection against microorganisms

The special physical properties of FN® Coating’s protective layers create a long term and very effective shield against the settling of microorganisms on the surface of the facade. Areas treated with FN® Coating do not need be cleaned!

Long-term active surface protection against sedimentation of soot and dirt dispersed in the air

Sticky dirt components are “spread-out” with daylight energy and the rest of the dust is removed by rain and wind. Vertical areas remain permanently clean for 10 years or more. Areas treated with FN® Coating do not need to be cleaned!

FN® NANO coatings are made transparent and tinted in a wide range of pastel shades

FN® Coatings are made transparent/white and tinted in a wide range of light colors that are suitable for reducing thermal stress on the facade.

FN® NANO Coating is the most effective photocatlytic material in the world market. FN® Coating's effectiveness surpasses competitive products by up to 100 times.

Residential and Commercial Buildings: Before and after treatment with FN® Coating, renovates the facade, eliminates bacteria, viruses, mold, spiderwebs, dirt and neutralizes toxic substances from traffic pollution.

Homes: Clean and beautiful facades that eliminates bacteria, viruses, mold spiderwebs, dirt and neutralizes toxic substances from traffic pollution.